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Talent Beach Music, is playing an important role in the production, development and signing of new talent, with the primary purpose of helping and guiding artists, songwriters and music producers to achieve their goals and ambitions within the music business.

Since TBP’s founding in 2003, President Gregory Elias and vice president Rodolfo Castillo have been leading this company toward a family oriented and creative atmosphere where talent is as essential as ambition. Today, artists, songwriters and producers that wish success and recognition in the music industry have a new alternative.

Talent Beach Music is a dynamic and different record and publishing company. Although TBP recently opened its doors as a new company its founders bring with them more than twenty-five years of experience in the US, Latin and European music markets.

Quality, originality, style and musical fusions are among the basic artistic talents we’re looking for in every project that we sign. TBP has the ability to take an artist’s vision all the way to the next level.

If you are an artist, songwriter, producer or an independent company that believes you have the right project for us, do not hesitate in contacting us and let Talent Beach Music put your project on the right track to success.



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