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Vice President

Rodolfo Castillo is one of the most successful producers, songwriter and publisher in the Latin music business. Multi Grammy award winner well respected by producers, songwriters, publishers and label A&R’s of the most important record companies in the industry, for his ability to find, develop and successfully break through new artists and talent into the music scene.

In 1991 Rodolfo Castillo found Castillo Music Productions, company in which he took an active lead role in the developing, guiding and production of new talent, artist and songwriters either through a record or publishing deal.

Ten years later, in 2001, due to his successful career as a producer, songwriter and publisher, Rodolfo and Castillo Music Productions joined forces with Universal Music Publishing Group, in a joint venture that brought the success of producers and songwriters like Yasmil Marrufo, Iker Gastaminza, Marc Durandeau and Sacha Nairobi, with hit songs performed by artist such as Paulina Rubio (Border Girl), Ricardo Montaner (Sueño Repetido) (Suma), Carlos Baute (Dame De Eso), Chayanne (Cuidarte El Alma), Ricky Martin (Besos De Fuego), and Alexander Pires (Se Busca Una Mujer), Olga Tañon, among others.

In 1993, Rodolfo Castillo forms Insignia Music, with his friend and well-known music producer K.C. Porter. In a joint venture with Famous Music/VIACOM they create, produce and publish hits songs for multi platinum artists like: Santana (Supernatural), J.B. Eckl (Primavera), Ricky Martin (Vuelve) (A Medio Vivir) and hit songs recorded by artists the likes of: Marc Anthony, Christian Castro, Kabah, Ednita Nazario, India, Celia Cruz, Oscar D’Leon, Paulina Rubio, DLG and Yolandita Monge.

In 1997, Rodolfo Castillo continues to pursue his interest in publishing by creating a new publishing venture with Warner Chappell Music founding Radio Vox Corporation. This company starts as an independent record label with the vision of discovering, developing and signing of new talent to be recorded and released in the pop rock alternative scene of Miami.

The success of such a vision opens doors to Miami local rock bands and pop artist such as Fulano de Tal, Bohemia Suburbana, Circo, Volumen Cero, Bacilos, Ángel López (de Son by Four) as well as well-known writers and producers like Alfredo Matheus, Elsten Torres, Jorge Villamizar (Bacilos) and Brendan Buckly; whose songs have been recorded by Multi Platinum artist like Shakira (Laundry Service), Marc Anthony, Luis Fonsi, Julio Iglesias Jr., Alejandra Guzmán, Bacilos, Olga Tañón, Obie Bermúdez, and Son by Four.

Today, Rodolfo Castillo has merged all his years of experience with Talent Beach Music and his partner and friend Gregory Elias, a well-known and respected songwriter, producer and publisher.

Talent Beach is a new record, publishing and production company, strong and fully committed to the success, development and release of new talent.



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